Project: Red Bull Fierste Ljepper
Client: Red Bull Netherlands
Role: Project Management and Event Production
Sport: Pole Vault or Fierljeppen in the language of the Frysian province

For Red Bull Netherlands we produced an event in what is probably the oldest Dutch action sport. In the old days farmers used their forks with an extended handle to vault over the many small waterways cutting through their meadows. Over centuries this has grown into a very Dutch sport that still is carried out by a small but dedicated group of jumpers.

On July 24th the scenic city of Utrecht was host to Red Bull Fierste Ljepper, taking this sport to a new level and the jumps to a new distance by using a non-sanctioned longer pole, a higher platform and a wider gap over the water. All the conditions are there to create an all-time record jump. Be it with unsanctioned equipment. Needless to say the athletes are stoked!